After your beer has cleared and fermented, you need to move it to your holding containers. This means that you bottle your beer. However, not all homeowners decide to use bottles. This explains why the kegging systems are still popular. The truth is that bottling is one of the most cost-effective and simplest options you have as a new brewer. Therefore, you have to make some considerations. The primary consideration will be whether to use used or new beer bottles.

New Bottles

beer bottlingThis is probably your first choice. In any case, who wants to use old beer bottles? The truth is that these types of bottles have a lot of benefits. For example, they are in their best condition possible. In addition, they are available in a wide range of cap styles – hinged caps, cork, and more. However, they are not the perfect option for a brewer who is cost-conscious. This is because they come at a premium cost. Also, they have to be sanitized before being used.

Used Bottles

Is there a need to use used beer bottles? Although the new ones are the most preferred options, there are several benefits of using old bottles. The first one is that it is cheaper as compared to a new one. Thus, it will save you a lot of money that can be diverted to ingredients and other components. However, you will have to sanitize these bottles thoroughly and also remove the old labels.

Although new bottles have to be sanitized, the need is greater with the used bottles because of the presence of bacteria, unwanted contaminants, and bacteria.

Sanitizing Bottles

craft beerIt is not difficult to sanitize beer bottles. This is because glass does not absorb bacteria or other unwanted organisms. Therefore, a thorough cleaning will provide you with the best results. You have to start by washing and rinsing the bottles thoroughly. After they have been cleaned completely, you can use various sanitizers. However, you have to ensure you follow the set regulations and heat them to the required temperature. You can do this in an oven as long as you put only clean bottles in the oven.

Avoid using a dishwasher when cleaning beer bottles. This is because most dishwashers do not have sanitized option. Other settings available may not maintain the required temperature. Cutting the corners can result in contaminating your beer with bacteria.…